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Re: RC: clipping

At 09:50 PM 03/15/2000 -0800, Renee Been wrote:
>never needed to clip a horse b/f--what do you all think about clipping the
>saddle area, is it a no no as that vet insisted?  renee b  not to be
>confused with the Renee.

Well, that all depends on the horse, and the clipper blade, and how soon 
after clipping your are going riding.  It probably also depends on your 
saddle and pad and how you ride and how far you are riding and who knows 
what else!

I usually generally do full body clips on each horse twice a year and take 
them to rides 2 weeks afterwards, even 100's and haven't had a 
problem.  But then 2 weeks after I clip their hair is in thicker and longer 
than their fully shedded out summer coats.  If you're tack fits well 
(something you find out if you ride as much as I do <g>), then whether or 
not the horse has hair is really not a big deal.

The only problem I've ever encountered is when I so a partial clip (just 
the neck) to go to a ride in November or December on the chestnut horse - 
he then ends up two-toned until his next full body clip. Most people are 
more apt to notice my purple stirrups :).


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