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Re: ridecamp-d Digest V00 #412

Actually, the Mongolian ponies are not bad riding at all.  Bob and I have  
spent as much as six to eight hours on them a day for ten days and really 
enjoyed every minute. At first you feel a little close to the ground because 
of their small stature, but once you get used to that, they are very 
comfortable.  The Mongolian saddles are not that great and most Mongolians 
stand in the stirrups (which are about six inches wide), and tilt their 
bodies sort of sideways.  They  go all day  at a trot in this position. 
These horses (the Mongolians do not like them referred to as ponies). are 
incredibly hardy, totally obedient, but given to bucking when the pack slips. 
 They come in all colors and  we even saw some with Appaloosa markings which 
were very distinctive.   I would love to have one in my barn.   Julie Suhr

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