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gelding, mare for sale

From: "Joule Tallman" <>
Hello.  My name is Joule Tallman.
    I live in Saskatchewan, Canada and have six horses.  Four of them are
for sale, because I would like to ride across Canada, and maybe the states,
and six horses is just too many for that trip.  Besides, a couple of them
are too young (a yearling half arab colt, Soufian, and a two year old arab
colt, Ears).
also Must sell:
8yo CAHR arab g. "William", trail ridden from Moose Jaw to Mankota in '99,
likes to work cattle and teach people of all ages to ride, has done
Arab mare, "Zanthe" (CAHR), likes gentle riders, good trail ride, turned-in
in front but legs never had problems, foal has straight legs and is as sweet
as she is.

PICTURES at web site below

Tallman Training Centre
Box 42
Rabbit Lake, SK
S0M 2L0
Quality horse training
Horses for sale

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