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Re: Re: Tree-hugger

><< Jeeze Tom, next you'll be telling us that Lassie didn't *really* care
>whether Timmy sank in the quicksand or not . . .
>  >>
>     Of course she did!!!!  I sort of used to wonder if dogs really were
all that protective of their owners.  That is until I got my egyptian
Azawakh.  He looks kind of like a greyhound in confirmation, but, that is
where the comparison ends.  I have had him dash in between me and a growling
dog and an angry woman, a strange man, and a coyote .  He held the man and
woman at bey and attacked the dog and the coyote. (all of these were
different instances) One morning,  I saw a coyote go after my rat terrier
and I yelled and started running at the coyote and Rock (my dog) came out of
nowhere and landed in the middle of the coyote and shook him by the middle
of his back.  The coyote ran off with Rock hot on his heals.  Dont know what
happend in the brush.  He renewed my child hood fantasies of the ultimate
watch dog/ canine friend.  I feel very lucky to be owned by this wonderful
creature.     gesa
>Well, Lassie's a dog--whole different ballgame. My dogs talk. Just this
>morning, Zeke was telling me,
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