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I don't want to debate the pros and cons of the race.  It is a fact and will 
go on with or without us.  

However, my friend, Bergen Smeding leaves tomorrow for Dubai to ride in the 
race.  He was annunced by AHSA and USET to be the number one junior.     I 
wish I could have gone places like this when I was 12.  Heck, I wish I could 
go now.  He could not ride Tevis last year because he was too young.   As his 
mom says, "it is amazing the places endurance riding lets you visit and 
obtain this type of opportunity!"   I know that he is going for the 
experience of a lifetime and to see all the wonderful sights and to finish 
the ride.  I hope he wins.

The other junior from the US is Alexandra Luck.  I think both of these riders 
will do us proud and we should wish them luck.....mb

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