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Re: RC: Slaughter

Hi Claudia
Only one thing to add to what Kat has already said. The San Diego zoo
still has freezer lockers full of horse carcuses from what I hear. Big
cats need dinner. There was a rumor about a big breeder in Santa Ynez---
don't know if it was true so won't repeat it, but the zoos have to get
their kitty food from some source.

Claudia Provin wrote:
> I have read with a great deal of interest the stories from California.   I
> am confused as to whether there is no slaughter at all available, or just
> not slaughter for human consumption.   You DO have auction houses?   If so,
> how is the ultimate fate of those horses controlled?   If there is no
> auction and no slaughter, what happens to those "unwanted" horses?   I AM
> NOT referring to YOU or ME---but we all know that "THEY" don't care as much
> as we do.
> On the one hand, I agree with everybody who says we have a responsibility to
> our horses; on the other hand, the slaughterhouses, as I see it, fulfill a
> need.   Far better to have a week of misery then die, than starve to death,
> out in snowstorms with no shelter, or locked in a stall with no attention,
> feet growing until they curl (while still starving); or, lying underneath a
> collapsed shed while slowly bleeding and/or starving to death; or, in
> another reported scenario, slowly starving then having no water in
> 100-degree temperatures for days on end.   And, if it is thought we have
> such a degree of responsibility to our horses--then perhaps we also have the
> responsibility NEVER to sell them--because who knows what the next guy will
> do.
> Another point - there IS a difference in the emotional factor between a
> horse who has been a buddy for years and years, and a horse who just came
> into your life six months ago and has not been manageable.  And as Heidi
> pointed out, sometimes circumstances can force the best-intended into harsh
> decisions.
> (Didn't know I even owned a soapbox!)
> Claudia
> Provin's Promises
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Bette Lamore
Whispering Oaks Arabians, Home of TLA Halynov
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