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Authorization for euthanasia

Especially for people like me who board their horse(s) -- Have you made
arrangements for authorizing euthanasia if you are not available or cannot
be contacted?

I travel frequently for business, and my boarding contract stipulates that
the barn goddess can obtain veterinary care, at my expense, as needed.  But
it does not give her the right to end my gelding's suffering if that becomes

So, last year I made up a document (and had it witnessed) authorizing the
barn goddess and the vet as follows:

If my horse is hurt or becomes seriously ill, and the vet believes that he
could recover sufficiently to enjoy life as a pasture ornament, then I will
be responsible for such care.  Otherwise, the vet is to put him down.

Just a little more peace of mind for me and the gruff barn goddess who
adores the animals in her care.


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