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Re: RE: Re: Lif Strand's message

But if html is included, some e-mail programs cannot handle them. Some will
not give you anything, others will show both, complete with html coding.
Download time is more than doubled. Normal etiquette is to shut off html for
news groups and lists unless the nature of the list or group specifically
needs html.

Duncan Fletcher

----- Original Message -----
From: Lif Strand <>
> According to my email program (Eudora) my messages are supposed to go both
> text & HTML - so that servers that can't get HTML can get the text
> format.  But I've always been a little confused about these settings - I
> wish those companies would hire dummies like me (or others, if there are
> any as dumb as me when it comes to figuring out what programmers really
> mean) to go through their "help" and other menus to translate them into
> plain English (or any other language that makes sense).  Lif

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