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I'll make this short as it is off the subject of RIdecamp, I guess.
35 yrs ago when I was ten ys old my father finally decided I could buy a
"cheap" horse.  I went of to then local slaughter house wit a friend for the
auction---a herd of mustangs were to be auctioned---those not sold were
slaughtered for dog food.  Not many horses sold that day---but my $10 bought
a suckling filly whose mother had a broken leg and was not offered for sale.
Imagine my father's anger when my pal and I brought home a little horse that
needed bottle feeding!  I learned fast as a 10 yr old.  I had that horse for
31 years and every whim I had as a teeager that horse did from barrels, to
dressage, to driving, and a 50 miler in 4 hrs!  One night several yrs ago I
gave  her her grain---she was a little sweaty---but after all she had just
run up the hill with her herd mates.   found her dead in her stall the next
morning---her mouth still full of grain.  We couldn't bury her
here----living in CA and limited space.  SO I had to have a rendering co.
come to get her.  She is the only horse that I kept forever---and forever
she still lives in my heart.  renee

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