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Re: RC: slaughter to superstar

Well, I "rescued" Marcia Smith's Tevis winner Harry from the slaughterhouse 
here in Redmond, rode him a bit (about 60 days conditioning, as I remember), 
sold him to Chuck Stalley, who in turn sold him to Marcia, and the rest is 
history.  He was there with another horse that was pretty similarly built, 
that I also bought, rode, and sold to Chuck--that one also became a 
successful endurance horse.  

I love the rags-to-riches stories, too, but it doesn't take away from the 
fact that a great many of the horses going to slaughter DO NOT have what it 
takes to be an athlete--and many don't even have what it takes to be just 
plain saddle horses.  Sad, sad, sad, but not the fault of the slaughter 
industry.  I have to say that Harry and his buddy stood out like halogen 
lamps in a candle factory in that slaughterhouse yard... 


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