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Re: Re: Re: Fwd: RC: Re: Horse Savaging

> In our experience, mares will not stand for being pushed around.  At least
> at our house.

    All I know is what I saw---this gelding kept the mares on the back of
the place (away from the stallions) and got really rough about doing it.
He was also bigger than the mares.   Another was so studdy he fought the
colts he was with and when he was with the mares he herded them.   Both had
been gelded young and had never bred a mare.   Another (not mine) tries to
keep every new mare entered into the herd  out of the herd for a day or so
(and he is rough about it).    I know many geldings are nice and quiet (they
say); just that my experience with the few I have been around has not been
that great.


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