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Joint Lubes

Hi everyone,
I just joined ridecamp a few weeks ago and thought I'd share my thoughts on
joint lubes.  My 6 year old QH gelding was recently (yesterday) diagnosed with
bone spavins in both his hind hocks (he's sickle hocked) and I've been
researching joint supplements to put him on.  I just bought a liquid supplement
called 'Next Level' which contains glucosamine, MSM, and shark cartilage among
other things.  The shark cartilage turns into chondroitin once in the joints so
the supplement has the beneficial effect of all three of the most popular joint
lubes.  I've only used it for a week so I'll keep you posted on how effective
it seems to be.

Julienne (recovering from a $600 vet bill)
& Harley (now she knows why I don't like my hind feet picked up!)

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