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Re: RC: Re: Tree-hugger

I'm familiar with the breed so here's my definition of a Tree-Hugger:

1)  Loves plants and animals more than their kids.

2)  Most likely a vegetarian.  Won't eat mean, fish, or even a stupid 

3)  Doesn't hunt and hates those who do (I've been guilty on this issue, but 
just cause the guys get drunk and think my horse is a large deer)

4)  Prefers their hamburgers to be made from soybean.

5)  Gets offended if you make a tie line, for your horse, attached to a tree. 
 Would rather see the horse running off in the woods wild and free.

6)  Literally cries when they see a forest fire out of control, even if the 
fire was started by lightning.

7)  Loves to hike, but hates the ruts on the trail created by horses.  Calls 
them ankle busters.

8)  Normally they don't drink beer.  They want to be totally aware of their 
surroundings and don't like being impaired while studying vegetation.

I'd come up with two more, but these people bore me.  Stay away from then 
whenever possible.  The bottom line is they prefer that tree over there to 
your horse.  And they don't own one and think riders are rude.  Hard core 
"save the Owls" type.  

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