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Fwd: RC: joint lubes

Our favorite after tryign everything on the market is the Dynamite and not 
because we sell it. For our now 25 year old mare, she would not be 
functioning now if not for this. That doesn't BEGIN to explain, either, my 
husband's hands - he is a baseball coach and after nearly 30 years of hitting 
fungos, his hands were getting so stiff and even painful that it was gettin 
hard to do it. After about a month on the Dynamite, he can't believe teh 
movement he has back and NO PAIN! In addition, I have arthritis is my hips, 
wrists and now in my thoracic vertebrae - there are sitll days when I feel 
the tightness, but there have been NO days whe I couldn't even get my foot up 
in the stirup - since I started the Dynamite. After ALL that work teachign AL 
of our horses to let me up form teh off side - my better hip!

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Just purchased a product called "Grand Flex Rider" at the Seminole feed store in Ocala, Fl. They raved about the results many of their rider/employees are having, and I had to try it for all my neck and back aches and pains. It's got Glucosamine Hydocloride, MSM, Yucca root powder, etc. 30 day supply (3 pills a day) cost $15.99. Worth a shot as it's the same ingredients in my dog's Arthrosooth and many of the horse supplements. I thought I'd try it on myself first, and see if I can see a difference before experimenting on my horses, who I have to guess about. Good luck. Randi in Brooksville, Florida
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