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Re: RC: Closed cell foam pads

Kristen L Olko wrote:

> Question - What type of foam padding are the Skito pads made from? I went
> on the internet
> to find it and discovered that there are many types of "closed cell
> foam". Does anyone know?
> Kris

Hi Kris,

I don't know exactly, but I think the Skito inserts are made of Equalizer foam.
This is an open cell foam. This means, it's able to equalize pressure
differences and it's a bit breathable. I had some of this stuff in my Skyrider
saddle, it was the blue foam.
IMO, it has one disadvantage: Once it is pressed together, there is no shock
absorbance. I made better experiences with a closed cell foam. I use one with a
bit more than an inch thickness. It's the same you use for gymnastics. This one
still can absorbe the shock when pressed together because it still has some air
enclosed. I need this thickness for Ninja because of his high withers. When I
used Equalizer foam (two layers!) the saddle still hit the withers with me
sitting. Now with the closed cell foam we have enough space between saddle and
withers and Ninja never had back ache or problems since. IMO the closed cell
foam has some kind of massage effect on the back.

Hope this helps,

Wolfgang + Ninja 11

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