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Re: Re: Joint lubes

Beverly---I, too, thought they meant for horses---so don't feel "duh".

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> In a message dated 3/13/00 2:20:46 PM Pacific Standard Time,
> writes:
> << This is a bit off topic but could you use MSM for dogs?
>   >>
> Yes, and I'm pretty sure AERC wouldn't have a thing to say about it :).  I
> have a friend who is using it for her older Dobie and  she swears he is
> better.  Sorry that my initial response about MSM missed the target!  I
> thought the poster was asking about MSM for horses -- they were asking
> PEOPLE -- duh!.  Lif pointed my boo-boo out to me in true Lif style --
> Lif!
> Sylvia
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