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Hey Angie, I'm glad the shots worked for your knee.  Have to tell you all my 
experience as the world's oldest living endurance rider.  About 4 years ago 
my right knee was shot--you know the symptoms.  Couldn't trot the horse out, 
riding very far was awful, steps a real problem.  Went to the orthopedic 
surgeon who x-rayed and said it was arthritis. ( I didn't need a $150 x-ray 
to find that out!!)  He said I'd have to quit riding long distances and I 
told him that wasn't an option.  I started on chondroitin.  glucosamine 
capsules and my knees are JUST FINE. (No I don't get paid for this 
testimonial--DARN)  I get whatever is on sale at Walmart--they have about 3 
brands, and a 2-month supply (@3 capsules per day) costs under $30.  You 
can't expect immediate results but it (or something) has sure worked for me.  
My 25 year old mare who did 700 CTR miles last year and was reserve champion 
in UMECRA is on  glucosamine/chondroitin too. (Yes you can get the 
combination cheaper than  Cosequin)  She also gets about 3 shots of Legend 
(hyaluronic acid)  during the season--works better for her arthritic fetlock 
than Adequan.  Just some advice, for what it's worth, from the over-the-hill 
combo.  BTW I LOVED your speech at the AERC convention.  Louise

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