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Joint lubes

Hey guys.... I'm baaaaaack (well sorta, on digest at least)

I've had advice from several people that I should put my hard working
horse on some sort of joint lube.... injectible glucosamine or Adequan. 
The glucosamine is $15 per injection, the Adequan is over double that. 
So, who's using it, which are you using and how often?  I believe the
injectible glucosamine is a fairly recent phenomenon... who's had good
results?  Randy Eiland is quoted on the flyer as using it... Randy?  

On another note, I went to the orthopedic surgeon thinking I needed
surgery on my "good knee".  He took x-rays and said no cartilege floating
around, just getting worn down.  I wasn't willing to go on the way I've
been feeling so I asked about things like glucosamine... or hyduronic
(sp?) acid and he said, "Oh yes, we can inject your knee.  So, I took a
series of 3 injections into the joint, each one week apart (just felt
like a normal shot.)  When I got the injection my knee felt really good
within hours.  I was able to walk normally down stairs for the first time
in a long time.  After about 3 days it started to wear off.  The Dr. said
that's normal and that's why there's 3 injections.  I did the Hallelujah
50 two days after my 2nd injection and the knee held out fine during the
ride (felt not so great walking around later though)  According to the
literature, the effects peak 8-12 weeks after the series.  I'll let ya
know how it holds out.  I'd sort of like to get the other injected too,
but am waiting to see what the insurance says.  After the initial visit
which had x-rays ($150) the next two injections were $50 each.  I think
the stuff is called "Sin Visc" or something like that.

Donna Snyder Smith showed me a way to change the way I post during a
demonstration at the convention in order to take some of the pressure of
my knees.  It really seems to help, but I wish I had a horse that didn't
think he was a rocket to practice on. >g<

Hurry with the advice on the Adequan/ glucosamine, I'm in the mood to act


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