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Re: RC: west nile like virus

In a message dated 03/10/2000 2:05:39 PM Pacific Standard Time, writes:

<< Be sure to dilute the Skin so Soft, as it is hard on
 sensitive skin.  My grey gelding "blistered" when I
 used some on his face, full strength.  I think they
 recommend at least a four to one dilution.  >>

Skin So Soft contains citronella, which is the active insect repellant in its 
contents.  I should think there might be less expensive sources of citronella 
than a human "cosmetic". However, my husband's cousins in Alaska use it (for 
themselves) and in the summer, some areas in Alaska have unbelievable numbers 
of mosquitos, so it must be successful for some  people. I found Clac 86 or 
(whatever the number is) better on horses. It is listed as an "equine 
deodorant" so as to circumvent the restrictions placed on it. It can't be 
listed as a pharmaceutical. Imported from Germany. As good as any insect 
repellant I've ever used.


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