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Re: Faith is the daring of the soul


I've been feeling that "weight of the world" thing too, lately.  Thanks for
the words of faith.

Hey, check out Horse and Rider the March issue.  There's an article called
Triumph on the Trail - it's about long distance riders.  There is a photo
of Ellen Lovett.  The article begins "It's dark in Rancho San Fernando Rey,
California, as 80 year old Ellen Lovett takes her 16 hand Arabian gelding
through his warm up paces."

I'm going to tape her picture to my fridge.  What an inspiration!  I hope
I'm still going that strong when I'm 80!


> From: robert and carla lawson <>
> To:
> Subject: RC:  Faith is the daring of the soul
> Date: Saturday, March 11, 2000 10:15 PM
> Okay here is the story.. I know how you all LOVVEEE stories.. get your 
> hankies...
> I was working one week and It seemed as if the entire world was against
> from the Monday that I woke up and headed to work. At the time I was
> two different jobs. One at a dog kennel the other with Domino's Pizza. I
> not sure why we women go through some depressions where we feel the the 
> weight of the entire world sometimes rests on our shoulders but for you
> out there It just does. I went in to work at the kennel Monday and found
> that 10 of the puppies that I helped care for and spend alot of time with

> were gone they all were put to sleep, I can't remember what for but I
> it can clean out a kennel. This has been years ago. Well come to find out

> that same  day my husband announced he had to go to a convention in Las 
> Vegas... on my BIRTHDAY!! and I couldn't go! Okay Monday out of the way.
> was off tuesday Later in the week I had a customer call back and get me
> a lot of trouble. I won't defend myself here but I will say it aint easy 
> finding somefolks and its annoying that you can't give good directions!
> someone was dying you can bet your best horse you will make sure the 
> ambulance  can find you.. order a pizza and you can't tell me what is
> in your driveway.. oh the stories of pizza delivery! It was just turning
> to be a peachy week. I had some other stuff out there going on I can't 
> remember all of it. I was having some stress with the manager at work. I
> having some back trouble too. Rob and I were working so much we hardly
> each other and time after time it seemed that when we got ahead well.. 
> something kicked us back down to square one. I felt so kicked down that
> I just remember sitting around feeling sorry for my poor self.I felt
> tired and worn out.I was very depressed and saddend at losing all those 
> puppies I had worked with them so much. I was so attached to them.I did
> I normally do when I need a lift. I will read. I will read anything. So I

> picked up a guideposts magazine. There it was I opened it up and saw
> "Faith is the daring of the soul to go Farther than it can see."
> I sat there on the floor next to my bed and just stared at the words
> they made more sense to me.
> Picking up my needle and thread I worked for three days to get it. Every 
> single spare minute I worked until I had to go to bed or go to work. My 
> husband figured it was another craft I was doing. It isn't all that great
> dyed the material with tea to give it an aged look painted a white matt
> with a sponge effect and put it in cheap oak frame. To me it is beautiful

> for the meaning it shows. several have noticed and said how pretty. But
> me it serves as a reminder. If I let my faith just guide me in my
> life I will soon find out where I need to go. Sometimes it is there right
> front of my face and others it is barely above the horizon. When I feel
> I look at it again and realize I just have to be reminded what I want to
> I have many goals in life. I have a long list too. It keeps getting
> I just added going to Dubai (sp) to it. I also have tons of things on it 
> from the silly to weird to the WOW!!!Still thinking of adding jumping out
> an airplane?? I am sure faith is saying don't push me!
> Carla (wondering costs of going to Dubai?)
> Ansata (MOM.. i will get sand in my shoes!)
> Haley (shoooot you go on Haley staying on the ground!)
> Rob (does this require getting passports?)
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