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eye ointments

Have been so busy with other posts tonight, I never did get a chance to ask
a question of my own so here goes:  My dear Jonathan got a nasty swollen
eye over the weekend. Very ugly...we flushed it with clean water and to
help the swelling ran cold water over it. We also flushed it with saline
(by the way, Wal Mart sells a CAN of saline that is much easier to point
and squirt or is it spray?  Comes out like a squirt anyway).  I had some
eye ointment which I use on our rabbits, says it's for dogs and cats but
specifies it's an opthalmic ointment.  I noticed today that it has the
exact same ingredients as our triple antibiotic ointment except that the
eye stuff has more sulfate and also has hydrocortizone in it...of course,
the triple antibiotic stuff says NOT to use it in eyes.  They both have a
petrolatum and mineral oil base. Does anyone have any thoughts or
experiences with this?  Does it say NOT to use it in eyes so they can
package a fingerful of it in a tiny tube, print opthalmic on it and sell it
to us for 3-4 times the amount we pay for several ounces more of the other
stuff?  BTW, Jonathan's eye is clearing up nicely, swelling is down, eye
clear, no damage.  I think he probably rolled and got some hay or dirt or
something in it.  Just wondering if anybody else has any experiences with
dealing with eye problems and ointments and such.  Thanks.  

Maggie Mieske
Mieske's Silver Lining
10601 S. Richards Rd.
McBain, Michigan 49657

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