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2006 African Championshiip - Walvisbaai Namibia
Photos by Steph Teeter
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/international/2006Walvisbay/images/SeaLeg/thumbnails/racesealeg 004.jpg
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/international/2006Walvisbay/images/SeaLeg/thumbnails/racesealeg 010.jpg
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/international/2006Walvisbay/images/SeaLeg/thumbnails/racesealeg 028.jpg

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Results - Team, Individual, All Distances!!

This year will be the first of many new things for our annual Walvis Bay Endurance ride, for instance; It will be the first one day 160 km ride ever, it will be the very first Young Rider ride, it will be the first time that it will simultaneously be the Namibian National Championships, and it will be the first time that Walvis Bay will be the final leg of the African Championships.

What a great event!!! Come, be part of it, enjoy true Namibian hospitability, enjoy our beautiful country and most of all come enjoy the ride it and have loads of FUN!!!

Steph's Notes

2006 African Championshiip - Walvisbaai Namibia
Photos by Steph Teeter
/international/2006Walvisbay/images/Okahandja/thumbnails/okahandja1 010.jpg
/international/2006Walvisbay/images/Okahandja/thumbnails/okahandja1 012.jpg
/international/2006Walvisbay/images/Okahandja/thumbnails/okahandja1 016.jpg
/international/2006Walvisbay/images/Okahandja/thumbnails/okahandja1 005.jpg
/international/2006Walvisbay/images/Okahandja/thumbnails/okahandja1 036.jpg
/international/2006Walvisbay/images/Okahandja/thumbnails/okahandja1 018.jpg
/international/2006Walvisbay/images/Okahandja/thumbnails/okahandja1 035.jpg
/international/2006Walvisbay/images/Okahandja/thumbnails/okahandja1 020.jpg

Schedule of Events:

(Please bear in mind that times are Namibian winter times which is one hour behind SA standard times)
Saterday 26 August 2006
Arrival of most competitors.
Monday 28 August 2006
09h00NERA Council meeting with Veterinarian, final election of Namibia National team and reserves at the stables. SA Team meets at the stables of the Walvis Bay Equestrian stables.
19h00 Welcoming Function at Walvis Bay Town Hall.
Tuesday 29 August 2006
13h00Riders briefing at Namib stables.
12h00-15h00.Entries, weigh in and vet inspections.
Wednesday 30 August 2006
02h00120 & 160 km riders depart.
06h00Shorter distances depart
Thursday 31 August 2006
08h00 Official veterinarian check out of all horses.
19h00Prize giving Function at Walvis Bay Town Hall

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A Welcoming Banquet

Getting Ready


Driving the Trail

Vet In and Pre-Ride Meeting

Loop 2

The Sea Leg

Dune 7

The Final Run

The Enduring End!

Being a Tourist!

Okahandja Reserve

Okapuka Rides

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