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    Saldanha Bay

    2006 Saldanha
    Equifeed Inter Provencial FEI Challenge

    First To Finish: Willa Botland and Koringkloof Deena

    The Western Province Endurance Union of South Africa is hosting this CEI***/** event. The WPEU hosts numerous races in the Western Province over the course of the South African endurance season. This year's Saldanha event is the first time that the Inter Province Challenge has also provided FEI divisions.

    The Saldanha site provides a 160km course which challenges riders and horses over moderately undulating sea-scape. The event is staged at the facilities of the South African Military Academy. A 4am start is scheduled. There will be a near full moon and moderate weather for competitors.

    Detailed Ride Results

    Saldanha Bay at Dawn ©South African Tourism

    Event Schedule

    Course Overview

    Images of the Ride
    by Steph, Lieber, and Pienaas

    Getting Ready

    The 120km Finish

    The Trail

    Vet Gates


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