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Re: RC: Ever heard of perennial peanut hay?

Dear Dinah,

I have a file on this fabulous product and have made a personal study
of same over the past 3+ years. Wouldn't use anything else and the
problem can be, that the horses won't eat anything else with any gusto

Univ. of Fl. Agronomy Dept..Tito French, Phd., can answer all of
anyone's questions and send data to support same. They have done some is a product in GREAT demand from those who know about it.
Phone # (352)392-1811.

See you at the FEC next week! Excellent entry...will post
names/distances later to RC of those entered (one of the values of

I'm very willing to share info on this perennial peanut hay with
all..just don't have time right now until FEC is finished.


Deena~ (Meyer), mgr. 
FEC 13 March Inverness Fl

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