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Herniated Disc

Dear Fellow Distance Riders:

I received word today that I need surgery on a Herniated Disc on March 15th.
I am curious if any other ride camp subscribers have had to have surgery on
this and if so how long was your recovery?  I own an 8 yr old Appy Gelding
who loves to ride and it sounds like he will have to be idle no riding at
all indefinitely.  Of course the doctors are saying this condition probably
exists because of riding and falling off young horses for so many years.  I
do not agree at all; I think the condition exists because of poor judgment
on my part for going to a Chiropractor instead of seeking Medical attention
immediately when the pain worsened.  Any feedback would be appreciated.  I
am feeling rather sorry for myself and need to look for some positives like
being able to ride again.  Thanks for you time!

Sheryl Williams

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