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Re: RC: Girths for OF saddle

>I ride an OF Patriot and during warm weather the neoprene girth caused
>my horse some discomfort.  He would develope little bumps under the
>girth so I use a woolback girth I got from Sporttack and have had no
>problems.  This girth has elastic on one end.  The OF dealer just said
>to be aware that OF doesn't recommend elastic girths and to keep an eye
>on how the horse responds.  We've had no probllems.  In our wet western
>Washington winters I use the neoprene girth because it's easier to keep
>clean.  I'm compulsive about clean girths and throw them all in the
>washing machine after each ride!   Mary S.

Sounds like we've come up with the same solution.  A couple of my horses
would be perfectly happy if I didn't use any girth at all, but I also have
a couple that get really agitated if the girth isn't super snug:  they
don't want to feel any shifting at all (for any saddle, not just the OF).
The elastic on the girth allows me to tighten it enough to keep them happy,
but minimizes finding dry spots.

Lynn Kinsky (Santa Ynez, CA)

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