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girth tightness

In a message dated 3/5/99 10:06:39 AM EST, writes:

 All in all, tight girths are not all that they're cracked up to be for
 endurance.  A little daylight between the girth and the horse shouldn't
 be a problem.
I snug up my girth enough to get on, then don't worry about it anymore.  I
have noticed all but a few endurance riders do this also.  As New riders begin
to ride, they depend on a tight girth and get nervous if they feel the saddle
move at all, then, as they get better at riding, they quit thinking about the
girth/saddle moving.  What happens is their balance gets better along with the
confidence in the horse. No matter what solution you come up with, the problem
will go away as you become a better/more balanced rider and gain confidence in
yourself and your horse.

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