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Re: RC: orthoflex girthing issue

Hey, for those of us old enough to remember....girdles made me cranky too!  Especially when cinched up around the girth.   ......maybe it is sex related :-)

Melanie Johnson wrote:


Don't know what your girthing routine is, but possibly if you take your time
-- girth up loosely, let the horse alone for a few minutes, tighten girth, let
horse alone for a bit, tighten again.  My horses are usually eating when I
saddle up; the eating distracts them from getting cranky about the saddle
going on.  I'll get the saddle on, loosely girthed, attach crupper, tie down,
water bottles, tighten girth, fuss around with something else & tighten girth
In my vast (!!) experience with 4 horses, the 2 mares were crankier about the
girth tightening than the boys, don't know if it's sex related?!?

Good luck,


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