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Re: RC: RideCamp: saddle blankets

In a message dated 3/3/99 3:37:41 PM Pacific Standard Time,

<< My friend has an ortho flex saddle that rubs the winter hair off her
 cantle area.  The gelding is moderate in width, very high withered,
 for an Arab.  The strange thing is, she used the same saddle on my
 not much wither, mare for a yr, and it seemed to fit quite well, using a
 crupper.  Anyone have any ideas/solutions?? >>

My Orthoflex does the same thing -- rubbing in the loin area -- I finally
found a solution after a couple of years worth of trying.  I use a natural
sheepskin hide with the fleece side down.  No loin rubs at all any more!  The
inside of my tack room looks like I do taxidermy on the side (I have several
hides now).  I've bought hides from a friend and one from a sheepskin car seat
manufacturer, I just bought a whole hide and then used a razor blade to cut it
to the appropriate shape.  You have to look around sometimes to find a hide
that is big enough, but they're out there.  Good luck!


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