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Shoeing Question

There seems to be such a bank of knowledge on this list, I am hoping you
can help me  out.  I have a horse that with most (but not every) shoeing
he will go dead lame on right front about 10-12 days later.  Started out
where would just not ride for a couple days after shoeing although he was
not lame and seemed okay; the first time it happened there was heat
around one of the nails so shoer pulled and he was fine in a couple days.
 Happened I believe once again shortly after that (this was about 5 years
ago) and then he would just put nail not in that same position which
seemed to work.  Since then has happened a few times but of late, it
happened  in January shoeing and again this past week.  This shoer (shoer
I had for many years passed away) is putting only two nails in area where
used to find sensitivity and worked all last summer. There does seem to
be some heat around the coronet but nothing around the nails and does not
seem sensitive to hitting with hammer, etc.  Hoof testers also detect
nothing.   A couple people have suggested that he gets an irritation
after this amount of time, unlike a quick.  He will be dead lame 2-3 days
and then will  just go on.  A couple times I put him on Bute but now I
don't know if that helped or  if he would have just gotten better in a
couple days anyway because seems like that happens.  Has anyone else had
this problem?  
	I am considering glue on shoes and have only looked at one brand
but would also like to know if anyone  has tried alternative methods for
distance riding.  Unless I can rely on him, may well not be going any
distance but would certainly like to.
	If you have any suggestions please reply to me directly. 
Thanking you in advance.  Carol

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