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Re: RideCamp: dogs

Just my 2 cents worth on the dog issue:

If your dog is a nuisance, you know it!

I am very concious of what my dog does anywhere I take him. And yes he
goes to rides with us. He is always tied (on his own picket line, so
that others can clearly see him and his range on his own line) or on a
leash. (Early in the am, I take him on a leash waaaaaaay away from
camp to let him stretch and run a bit, but during the ride he stays in
the horse trailer. I make sure to ask near-by campers to PLEASE let me
know if he bothers anyone. He is not allowed to bark and be a bother.
I would be mortified if he was bad and a nuisance. If he becomes one,
he will be left at home. It is a treat for him to go and it is up to
ME to make sure he behaves himself.  He does not fight (a poodle could
whoop him!) he is fixed, vaccinated and has been taught manners. I
don't think it is too much to ask for others to be responsible owners
also! (And please watch where your dogs defecate, horse manure is one
thing, dog manure, whew!!!)

Heidi Sowards

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