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Re: RideCamp: Kids around horses: Farfetched?

In a message dated 2/27/99 6:56:49 AM Pacific Standard Time,

<< >know why I am even responding to this, it is so far fetched!
 What?  You think it doesn't happen?  You think that people are so
 responsible all the time that they never would allow their children to be
 dangerously close to a horse when they're that tiny?  What about all those
 people that leave a child in the car "for just a minute" and come back to a
 dead child?  Sounds far-fetched?  Well, it happens all the time. >>

Hi April!  I kind of took that response to mean that they thought the parents
were out to lunch.  But I see why you took it the way you did.  I'm the one
who posted the story about the child being killed and then the colt being shot
by an irate father (I saw both at age 17).  You are absolutely right about
irresponsible parents -- obviously and sadly they do exist.  The other
terrible side effect is that if one of our horses lashed out at a roaming
toddler and did some damage, we would be devastated.  However, if some irate
parent wanted to shoot my horse for it, they'd have to shoot me first.  The
level of carelessness and sheer neglect in regard to children and dogs that
you can see at most rides is mind boggling.  Don't get me wrong it's not
everyone by a long shot, out of a couple hundred riders you might see one kid
not being watched, but that is one too may when you consider the consequences.
I have literally picked kids up and deposited them on their parents laps when
they've strayed too far.  I make no apologies for doing that, but their
parents should.  Personally, I think a toddler has even less place at a ride
than a loose dog (unless a parent is there full-time for him -- i.e. not
riding).  Obviously this is a bit of a touchy subject for me, but an important
issue for parents/riders to think about.

O.k., off the soap box (for now).

Sylvia & Harca (I thought I was kicking a dog)

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