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missing horse

Horse Missing
I was awakened with a phone call from the barn owner where Louise is
boarded. When she went out to feed this morning, Louise was not in her
stall. She was not in the field or barnlot. I am posting the following
description in several other places:

Discovered missing on Thursday, March 4th. Last seen in her stall on
Wednesday evening, March 3rd in Indianapolis, Indiana.

10 year old bay, purebred Arabian mare. Proetry N Motion is 13'3 1/2".
Markings: Freeze brand under mane on right side of neck. Star. Strip. Snip.
Right hind leg.
Pedigree: Promotion X Mapeja ( Stargard X Maszawa)
This mare is very friendly and curious. Also she answers to her barn name,
Louise. Although she is quite friendly, she is not a horse for a beginning

Reward for information leading to her return. This mare is the last of my
horses. She is a member of our family. If you know anything about where she
may be found, email me at the following address -

Mary Weeks
430 N. Park Ave. #109
Indianapolis, IN 46202

Mary W. Weeks

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