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Re: Hallelujah war story

>I would like to say that the>Fairfield County rescue squad is in >danger
of losing some of their>funding, and letters to the >Fairfield County
Council from folks who>attended the ride may >help the Rescue Squad keep
going. It was a>blessing to have >them there. This year we were blessed.

O.K. since I was kidding around about the rescue guys, I'd better get
serious.  Just want to commend them for being so dedicated and spending
their ENTIRE Saturday patrolling the trail. We asked them how long they
were going to be out there and they said, "For as long as you are".  I
thought, "You poor soul." Hmmm, wonder if they wised up and put out a
trip wire? >eg<  

 Seemed like no matter how far you went, you'd round a curve and there
they'd be...sometimes with mud all the way up over their wheels, but
always smiling and concerned about us.

There was one low swampy area that bogged up pretty fast after 100 or so
horses had gone through.  Our second time through they had moved the
trail over and we had to jump a good sized pile of logs and land in deep
mulchy mud.  It wasn't a difficult jump, but since the horse sunk to his
knees when he landed, the forward momentum was dangerous.  We were really
dreading it the next time we were due to go through, but when we got to
that loop the fellows on the 4-wheelers had re-routed an entire section
of trail.  It made us nervous when they told us to just follow the new
markers, but it turned out it was marked as well as the rest of the
trail...which was EXCELLENT.  

It's nice to know that if I'd been really hurt, they'd have been there to
help.  Please tell them thanks again for me.  Is there an e-mail address
for the County Council?


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