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RE: RideCamp: Re:Top Ten

Hmm ... so I might as well just condition and train as is.  And if
I ever manage to get into consideration for BC, then just accept
the penalty gracefully!  Thank You!

Hope & Dixie (wow -- I get my own stall!)

>It's not the average you should be concerned with=2E It's how much the 
>rider is and your variance to his/her weight=2E Here in the Central we 
>always have a TT that is a heavyweight and you give up points to their 
>at the rate of 1/2 to 1=2E It is never worth it to carry more weight 
than you=20=
>have to as your horse is doing extra work with no benefit=2E I for 
example am a=20=
>heavyweight that regularly is in the TT [when I ride by best horse] yet 
I am=20=
>continually on a diet trying to lower my weight to lessen the work my 
>does=2E Just one man's opinion=2E=20=

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