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Since this came up about dogs, I would like to put in my 2 cents.  Shouldn't
dogs be classed with children?  Try to find someone to watch them at home.  An
endurance ride is no place for dogs, especially loose dogs!  I have entered
rides that state, "leave your dog home" and guess what, some people don't know
how to read!  Or if they can, they think that was put in for someone else!  I
have been rides where loose dogs have peed on my tack that I "carelessly" left
on ground at my trailer and actually pooped on the hay!  Is it asking to much
of dog owners to leave their dogs home or at least keep them on a leash.  I
think if ride mangers would stand behind their rules and disqualify riders who
bring dogs and let them run loose this practice might stop.  I have been in
the middle of dog fights while standing in the vet line.  I hoped my horse
would nail the dogs, but he has been to well trained by me to do such a thing.
If he were to get bit, I'm not sure what he would do, but I "know" what I
would do!!!!  Come on dog owners and you know who you are, leave the dog home
or keep it contained at all times or if that isn't possible, stay home!  

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