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Re: RideCamp: Re: Tums, kudos


A few yrs ago my legs gave out towards the end of the 2nd day of a 3 day 150.
My thighs were just not holding me where I should be & I was bumping &
thumping my poor mare's back, especially trotting downhill.  So I wimped out &
pulled.  Talking to another endurance rider a few weeks later I marveled that
the next day after I had pulled, I had no soreness in my legs.  Her response
was that I had had a potassium deficiency, and that's why my leg muscles gave
out (& why I had no soreness the next day).  She advised that I take along
dried apricots as they have much more potassium than bananas.
I've been packing the dried apricots & haven't had a reoccurrence of the
muscle fatigue now for several yrs.  
Could it have been a potassium deficiency?


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