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Re: RideCamp: Horses left in trailers overnite

The only thing abusive is to the sleep of anyone trying nearby. :-) I did
that the first time I as out overnight. The noise was awful - tied to the
trailer the next night where all I heard was the peaceful munch, munch,
munch - that I could go to sleep with.

Duncan Fletcher

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From: Lynette Helgeson <>

>We do this when it rains or during a thunderstorm. We take the dividers
>out of our four horse and turn it into two box stalls. We put lots of
>straw on the floor, hang up their hay bags and put rubber tubs in the
>corners for water. then we turn them loose in their own stalls. Works
>nice. They stay dry and they are happy with it. Plus if they get
>frightened about the lightening and thunder, we don't have to worry
>about them going through the electric fence. They are safe and dry in
>the trailer. Why would that be abusive? Your horses travel in trailers.
>They are loose, have hay and water. Plus they are dry and safe. I don't
>see the problem.

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