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Ok, this is going waaay back to 1978 Animal Nutrition so I may be off the
mark here.  Haylage (may also be known as green chop?) here in the U.S. is
like silage but it's made from chopped grass hay or alfalfa instead of corn.
Corn silage and haylage are fermented and high in moisture content.  If it's
good, it smells sweet and if the fermentation went anaerobic, it smells
like...well, the bad stuff you find in the fridge months after you've put it
there!  It's designed for cattle which are ruminants.  I don't know that
horses would tolerate it well since there is a greater possibility of toxins
in it due to the fermentation.  The cow's 4 compartment stomach can break
down this stuff and the good bacteria in the stomach digest it (including
the toxins), and convert it into useful fuel.  
Several years ago, Southern States came out with a hay chop for horses which
was cured like grass or alfalfa hay, then chopped and bagged.  I thought it
would be easier to store on trips than hay since it was denser than a bale.
I tried it and at first my horse nibbled at it but eventually decided it
wasn't so great and refused it.  I think they still make it and if your
horse isn't a picky eater (mine's a real priss) it might work for you. 

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