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overnights in a trailer

Hi all

This business of leaving horses either in trailers or tied to trailers
overnight is not something we do in the UK at all in fact a lot of us would be
horrified. We would always arrange stabling or a field for the night or

It sounds like a very different matter travelling to rides in the U.S. since
you travel much much greater distances to places that are more desolate. Even
so I think it can't be a good idea to leave a horse in a trailer all night and
then expect it to do distance the next day. Surely it's better for the horse
to be able to move around a bit in the night even if it is only in a loose box
or a small corralling area. 

Mind you when I was having trouble loading my mare one time the driver wanted
her to stay in the horsebox overnight because he didn't want to have to reload
her the next day. I said no way but he would have done it if I had let him.
Call me a softy but I couldn't leave my horse in a strange horsebox far from
home while I checked into a hotel. 

I think corralling has to be the fairest safest thing to do when dealing with


From: on Mon, Mar 1, 1999 5:54 pm
Subject: RideCamp:    Making a list of Camp Rules

In a message dated 3/1/99 7:15:55 AM Pacific Standard Time,

<< I don't like when folks keep their horses in the trailer all night.  If the
 trailer was custioned well, or padded, or what ever, it might be OK, but the
 folks I've camped next too have always had a regular two horse bumper pull.
 The horse stomps and pawed all night long!  YUK
 Leigh >>

Hi Leigh, why on earth would anyone do this to their poor horse?  It sounds
like abuse of horse AND neighboring campers!  Is this a common practice?  I've
seen it done once when some people brought a stallion who wouldn't settle down
for the night, they tried keeping him in the trailer....that made so much
noise that they (thankfully) just packed up and left in the middle of the
night (to the sound of applause from the remaining campers)!


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