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Re: RideCamp: Making a list of Camp Rules

In a message dated 3/1/99 7:15:55 AM Pacific Standard Time,

<< I don't like when folks keep their horses in the trailer all night.  If the
 trailer was custioned well, or padded, or what ever, it might be OK, but the
 folks I've camped next too have always had a regular two horse bumper pull.
 The horse stomps and pawed all night long!  YUK
 Leigh >>

Hi Leigh, why on earth would anyone do this to their poor horse?  It sounds
like abuse of horse AND neighboring campers!  Is this a common practice?  I've
seen it done once when some people brought a stallion who wouldn't settle down
for the night, they tried keeping him in the trailer....that made so much
noise that they (thankfully) just packed up and left in the middle of the
night (to the sound of applause from the remaining campers)!


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