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Spooky Arabs

I apologise to all before I start. <vbg> Arabs can be spookier than other
breeds.  I feel that this is due to their very active minds.  I have always
found that they are one step ahead of you.  A friend's mare that I train and
we trust with all types and ages can be ridden at liberty and jumps like a
elk, with the great lowered heart rate.  She is a reliable mare but the
point is here, she needs to have a touch up every now and then. She just
gets bored and needs something to challenge her mind.

Another Arab mare I trained for a girl for dressage and jumping was very
much similar.  While she was working and given something new to do she was
good but when we did exercises that she knew the trees grew into Bengal
tigers.  She was 4 and is now 7 but at times can be slightly off.

I just feel that they are very smart horses and need the constant mind
simulation.  I work ours by putting them on the bit and then off, then
asking for something they don't usually do and so forth, keeping them active
so their minds don't wander.

You wont get a better friend, so much personality in a petite pretty bundle.

Donna Paton

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