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Re: RideCamp: Australian Saddles and Pit Bulls

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>The only drawback was the hard plastic thingies in the front that
>saddles have ---- they didn't interfere with posting & helped keep me in
>saddle on sudden stops but my legs got rather bruised if the mare really
>on the brakes or did some athletic dodging.
>Good luck,
        Wow!  I must have been really lucky with my Ausstralian saddle. The
only time I even knew the pollies(?) were there was when the horse I was
riding would buck or something. Then they  would hold me right in the saddle
. I never felt more secure! I used my Aussie when I was working horses for a
breeder friend of mine so I had it on a lot of differen't horses, it fit
them all pretty well. (and I was only thrown once! Major sideways
    The reason I don't still ride in an Australian saddle is because I found
a deal on an english saddle I couldn't pass up.

    BTW Jan,
    PLEASE don't say bad things about Pit Bulls We have owned them for about
15 years! We are now on our 3rd Pit Bull and have NEVER had a moments doupt
about there nature toward people. Imagine a two year old child sitting on
top of a dog, he takes an ear in each hand and twists them hard! Poor Tanya
looks up at me as if to say , would you please do something with this kid?
This dog also saved a persons life and won an award for it, but I don't want
to bore you PB haters because I know I can't change your mind. My Dad used
to think the same way until he watched Titus our 1st Pit. He went as far as
to say,"Is he going to bite me?" when I dropped him off at his house. When I
went back to pick Titus up a week later, Dad said,"He dosn't want to go
home, he wants to stay here!"
    OK, I'll stop now. Oh! to make this endurance related they do keep up
with the horses on training rides! Also we always keep them on a
leash.(almost always)
  P.S. think dog not Pit Bull, any breed of dog can bite!

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Ridecamp is a service of Endurance Net,    
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