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WORM, Spelled Anti-Virus Software

My friend, a computer professional repair person offered this in reference
to the Happy 99 virus.

>From: "Jack Sheen" <>
>To: "Nancy DuPont" <>
>Subject: WORM, Spelled Anti-Virus Software
>Date: Sat, 20 Feb 1999 05:46:58 -0800
>X-MSMail-Priority: Normal
>Importance: Normal
>X-MimeOLE: Produced By Microsoft MimeOLE V4.72.3155.0
>Below is the information concerning your " worm ', from one of the many
>trade journals I have to read monthly, with a URL for reference.
>I read all the correspondence, you provided, that was shuttled back and
>for with the well meaning people
>BUT . . . . . . . . . .
>Sometimes when folks don't have a lot to do they get squirreled away
>and spend " many hours " discussing something that's spelled:
>Anti-Virus Software, $90.00 at CompUSA ( recommendation: Norton
>Anti-Virus Software, reason: FREE anti-virus software updates).
>Why would anyone in there right mind mess WIN9x Operating System, if
>the Operating System was to get hosed, you could:
>1. Hire me to fix the problem, at my hourly rate, Please pass this
>information out to your closest 500 friends.
>2. Have the person who owns the computer attempt to fix the operating
>system ( please call me, I always love to watch people finally
>understand that computers are not like the proverbially bicycle under
>the Christmas tree, " Some Assembly Required " ).
>4. WIN98 has 60 million lines of code, I love to watch people go
>yelling and screaming out of a room stating that the PC is all %^)$#@
>up'ed, when in reality, lets not spend move than 10 minutes on this
>issue, if someone has they have waaaaaaaaaay to much time on their
>hands, and need a hobby.
>Just one persons opinion on a $2.00 problem.
>PS 	1. 	Did you notice that its ok to delete operating system files,
>did anyone ever remember that these files may be needed but in their "
>clean " version, where are installation instructions for this  ? ?
>2.	My Company does make business & house calls to solve these issues.
>Have a GREAT one
>* The Win Letter 29 "Worm O' the Week" was an e-mail worm called
>Happy99.exe that I reported was spreading fast in Europe and expected
>to invade the United States. (A worm is a virus that makes copies of
>itself.) Well, it's heeeeerrrre!  Several American Win Letter fans
>received the worm, as did Yours Truly. Couple of items. First, I
>mentioned that the key to avoiding e-mail viruses is to not open
>attachments from strangers. But, as a few readers pointed out,
>Happy99.exe sends itself from the e-mail boxes of friends and
>relatives, so that preventive measure doesn't work. Second, you can get
>rid of the virus by either running an updated antivirus program or
>taking the following steps (from Fred Langa's LangaList
>4.	delete the downloaded file, usually named HAPPY99.EXE

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