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Re: Well-broke ponies

In a message dated 2/20/99 10:55:53 AM EST, writes:

<<  I'm sure he was a
 special young man, but there must be others out there like him.  Who knows,
 maybe Angie's daughter may some day be a pony trainer par excellence.  S >>

I use a dressage trainer with my smaller ponies and my welsh stallion.  I am
very blessed to have found her and that she is so near to me.  She is about
5.0 feet tall and maybe 90 pounds soaking wet.  When she rides my 13.0H
stallion, she makes him look like a normal size horse!  She is in north
central NC, if anyone is interested in checking her out.  She uses natural
horsemanship techniques, is very kind to the horses, overall, she loves horses
and they know it.  She's a very good trainer.

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