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Well-broke ponies

I read a really interesting article in the Western Horseman a few years
ago --wish I could be more specific -- about a young boy about 10-12 years
old who trained ponies.  And by ponies, I mean shetlands and other small
breeds, not small horses.   He taught them to neck rein, back up, did
thorough ground work, etc.   When he was through they were well broke and he
had a waiting list of persons wanting his ponies.  Of course, he got a
better price, but then those wanting a safe mount for their
children/grandchildren were willing to pay the price.  I'm sure he was a
special young man, but there must be others out there like him.  Who knows,
maybe Angie's daughter may some day be a pony trainer par excellence.  She
certainly is getting a good background right now.   If anyone is interested
I'll try to sift through the years and years accumulation and try to find
it.  The article I mentioned, I mean.  Of course it'll take awhile cause its
look a little, read a lot, look a little, read some more.... Gay

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