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horse disease help - websites?

Forwarding this for someone else.  'Cause who else knows more than you guys!!

>>i am trying to help a friend research the following diseases:
>>equine o.c.d.   (joint disease of growing/young horses) and,
>>i have run some search engines but so far had not had any luck getting good
>>about these diseases.     one young mare has o.c.d. and the other one
>>both half arabs.     looking for treatment info.   (as vet suggested putting
>>ocd filly down which we don't want to do).
>>if anyone can direct me to a good website please advise - or if anyone
has an
>>experience with above diseases and possible treatments please backchannel
>>thanks for your help.

Thanks for any help you can give to Susan.

Cindy Eyler

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