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Re: Police Officers & Endurance Riding - THANKS!!

<< I have received a lot of good information from good people at ridecamp.
They have been especially patient with my "beginners" stumbling around!  I was
distressed to see the note sent to jpcornes from gesahorsfx. >>

As the original person posting the question regarding police officers and
endurance, I just want to add a big THANKS to all of the police officers (and
friends who had police-officer riding friends/relatives) I heard from who had
nothing but words of encouragement for me.  I was very glad to hear from two
that live close to me and one even in my state!  I will be looking both of
these guys up at the rides this year.   I also heard from several teachers who
have similar problems with training and vacation time -- so my questions were
answered and if appears that I will be able to balance the two, but maybe not
compete as often as I would like to.

I have decided to put in my application to 2 police departments and a part of
that decision was based on answers I got on ridecamp.  Ridecamp continues to
be a great source of information for me.   Thanks to all who took my questions
seriously and especially to those who took the time to send detailed replies.

Susan - the "cadet wannabe"

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