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re ponies

My first "horse" was a Shetland - I was nine years old - I always say now, if
you want to teach kids *respect* for horseflesh... get 'em a Shetland!  They
are terribly smart and just won't put up with any crap, but also learn quickly
how to terrorize kids.  "Lady" turned around and tried to bite a hunk out of
my leg the first time I mounted her.  After a few sessions of her doing that
and me proceeding to, um, "give her a new hole to breathe through" as a friend
of mine says :-), she decided biting was a bad idea.  With me only, that is,
she still sampled other people's body parts :-)  Once she kicked me with both
barrels, leaving hoofprints in bruise form on both my thighs :-D  And she
stepped on my feet countless times - but ONLY when I was barefoot!  My
obnoxious little brat half-sister used to think it was fun to chase Lady and
spank her with a stick or something, then get out of reach - Lady being on a
long tether at the time as our yard was not fenced.  Well, Lady got loose one
day, the bratling went out into the yard, and Lady chased her down, knocked
her flat on the ground, stepped on her and bit her hard.  Then let her be,
pleased with having paid her back.  The little snot never went near the pony
again :-D
After we developed mutual respect, Lady and I had wonderful times together.  I
spent hours grooming her, snitching my dad's soft shoe polishing brushes to
add that extra gleam to her coat :-)  I taught her to rear up while being
ridden, an effective deterrent to my friends asking for rides :-D  I borrowed
a cart and harness from an old man down the road who had show Shetlands, and
Lady and I put in many miles on our country roads.

I haven't owned a pony since, moved up to horses, but I do love 'em. Re the
yee-haw bucking, I've been on *lots* of horses who do that too.

Karen "Ready" Bratcher and Bender, who not only yee-haws but can shy so fast
I'm left hanging in mid-air!
Hayden ID

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