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Re: Horse too fast!! wrote:
> Your information has entered my database. How do you feed during the event
> itself?

kewl, I'll be sure to tell him that he is now famous <G>  During the
ride he gets whatever he wants...his slaves lay out a smorgasboard. 
Mostly he wants to pig on alfalfa hay...won't eat beet pulp, not
particularly interested in grain either.  I did have some carbo load
that I had thought about giving him, but since I already had blisters on
my hands (through gloves I might add) I figured I wouldn't press my luck
I do carry carrots with me that he munches on as we go.
he is very pushy during the ride as far as eating goes..not at all like
he is at home....he literally rips the food away from you...oh, and of
course, the other horse's hay is always better than his own...
> Increased carbs/protein (lysine and methionine in particular)

from what source?

> oryzanol/chromium yeast. That is, for lean muscle mass.

I'm familiar with the gamma product but not the chromium yeast...where
is that available?

 If you will do a blood
> test, cell differentials, chemistries and enzymes on this horse, I will pay
> for it.
Sure, I would be happy to Tom....only problem at the moment is that we
have about 5' of snow right now and the horse trailer is buried.  I have
only drawn blood myself once before, with the help of my vet, so I don't
have much confidence in my abilities to do it on a very hairy horse
(horse  likely wouldn't appreciate my attempts either :))

If you are not in a big hurry, I will have to get a coggins/health cert
on them in a few months, and we could do it then....otherwise, the
nearest vet is a little over 50 miles away, not sure what a vet call
would run, but my guess is it wouldn't be cheap.  What do all these test
entail?  Just blood samples?



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